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Futuna lies in the easternmost part of the country in the Tafea province. With a population of around 600 people it is sometimes called west Futuna to distinguish it from Wallis and Futuna, and also can be known as Erronan by its island neighbour, Tanna. Although it is part of the Melanesian country of Vanuatu it is considered to be a Polynesian outlier.

Futuna is sometimes said to be the 'Gateway' to the gospel in Vanuatu, the first island where it's inhabitants accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ. During the late 1800s several missionaries lived on this island for the purpose of preaching the gospel to the natives. 

There are currently 5 main villages on Futuna Island: Iasoa, Ipao, Matangi (Consists of Iraro, Marae, Itavai and Iakana), Ihsia, Imounga and several Futunese communities living in other islands such as main island Efate, Tanna, Aneityum and Espiritu Santo.


The island has a school located in the village of Ihsia which changed its name in 2015 to Edward Nipake Natapei Memorial School in honor of the island's only famous politician, Edward Nipake Natapei who served as Prime Minister from 2008 to 2011.