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Erromango Island —Dillon's Bay (Unpongkor) offers an array of activities and attraction sites ideal for swimming, outrigger canoeing, and snorkelling. 

Dillons Bay is gorgeous both river and beach areas. There are traditional outrigger canoes available for hire with guided tours of the area also offered. Snorkelling gear is available for use either in the river or along the coast where there are coral reefs and many fish species.


Erromango is known for its mountainous terrain, so for the adventurous, there are guided tours to historical sites dating to the 1820s which are marked by Monuments and Kauri Forest walks to view 1,000 year old Kauri trees.

All hiking trips offer many photographic opportunities with many species of Orchids (both ground and tree), Wild Horses grazing, Butterflies and Flying Foxes. Some main activities include: 

1. The Kauri Hike
2. Coastal Bush Walk
3. Cave of Skulls
4. National Kauri Reserve