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Epi is a peaceful island with beautiful white sandy coves, many white and some black sand beaches, and inshore reefs. The interior is the rugged terrain of recent volcanic activity covered with lush rainforest. There are several small lakes where you can fish and swim and may get a chance to see wild birds, wild pigs and cows.
The coastal area is very fertile and covered with coconut plantations. People live scattered around the coast and very few vehicular roads exist, including ones to tourist accommodation, which typically consist of a simple, but comfy, guest house right on the beach.
There are two airstrips on the western coast, one at Valesdir to the south and the other at Lamen Bay, to the north. On the northwest edge of the island is the sandy beach Lamen Bay, and the nearby small island of Lamen (population. 500). The bay has some coral reefs which are the habitat of the dugong. On the west coast is Cape Forland.
In the southeast is Valesdir. Valesdir is a plantation and in the 1920's colonial heydays, it had its own currency. From Valesdir, it is a 6km walk to the Imao Lakes, known for their wild ducks.

Namuka Island, an uninhabited islet off the southern shore of Epi offers white sand beaches, clear water, coral and a fringing reef. In the northeast is Drummond Bay, with the Nikaura Marine Protected Area, established in 2000 by the community of Nikaura. To the south is the small uninhabited islet of Namuka. There are also black (volcanic) sand beaches, and three small freshwater lakes.