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You may mistake Epi Island for being just another beautiful, tropical island here in Vanuatu, but there is a lot more to Epi than meets the eye. A place of mystery and magic, Epi’s tectonic and volcanic history has forged an adventurer’s paradise. Home to rugged terrain and lush rainforest, Epi Island is truly a gem of the Vanuatu archipelago.
What to do on Epi Island
Epi invites you into its peaceful and laidback aura, an impression that draws nomads and adventurers. Drawn to the lush vegetation and scenery around the island, Epi is the perfect paradise for the keen bushwalker. Jump in on the next guided walking tour, be sure to snorkel the coral reefs or even visit one of the many coconut plantations for a unique, island experience.
The island is of volcanic origin. Mount Pomare (highest point) reaches 833 m above sea level, and is a quaternary volcano. It lies 13 km from the more prominent Lopévi volcano, and to the east is the largely underwater East Epi volcano which on a very clear night, gives out a subtle glow underwater in the evening.