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Maewo island, 105 km to the east of Espiritu Santo, is 47 km long and 6 km wide, with an area of 269 km². Its highest point is 795 m above sea level. Maewo is very thin and rugged stretching 56 km; the mountainous central chain and the south eastern coast are excellent  places for bird-watching. Both coastlines are covered with black sand beaches giving the island a distinctive look.

The island boasts dense forests containing some of Vanuatu's most beautiful rivers and waterfalls spread across the entire island enabling local prawns farming and water taro gardening as main day to day activity for the people of Maewo. 

Maewo is home to some of the best spots for yachts all year round. A yacht club is located in Asanvari village, south of Maewo attracting many yachties and visitors to experience the Manga's underwater cave, bat cave tour, moon cave tour, Lawai waterfall tours, canoe fishing, snorkelling, pig farming and local bamboo band.

A women handicraft and custom dance performance meets and greets visitors and a kids club is set up to teach visitor's children traditional games and songs.