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Touring Maewo is more affordable from Santo. To save backtracking, start at Laone airfield (north Maewo) and finish at Sara airfield (on north Pentecost) or travel in the reverse direction. Maewo has one airstrip, on the plateau above Naone village. There are two flights a week from Santo, via Ambae. 

Maewo has only a few tourist guesthouses. There is transportation accessible near every bungalow that belongs to either owner of the bungalows or the village community where the accommodation is located. 


You can stay at any of the guest houses below for a weeklong adventure.

Mule Ocean View Guest House. Located at Asanvari, South Maewo has 3 rooms and can accommodate up to 6 guests.

Samuel Guesthouse. Located in Talise, Central Maewo offers 4 rooms and can accommodate up to 5 guests.

Kerempei Guest House. Located in Kerempei, North Maewo offers 4 rooms and can accommodate up to 7 people.

Tours and activities 

Visitors will enjoy the range of tours and activities from natural attractions, soft adventures to cultural connections which are all easily accessible and can be arranged by the Santo Travel call center on phone + 678 36616 and + 678 7104029 / 5448999. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Natural Attractions

Moon Cave Pick up from Asanvari, snorkel in Moon Cave and return to Asanvari. Visit underwater cave, and another cave with stalactites and ancient cave writings. Includes transport and tour. 2 hours 9000vt p.p.

Manga Underwater Cave Tour Snorkel inside the cave with fish, reef and appearing about 20 meters in the ocean, very pristine waters
1.5 hours. 1500vt p.p.

Lavoa Cascade Stand amaze and enjoy the majestic falls of Lawai Vanuatu. Take a break from your busy schedule and experience what Lawai Vanuatu has to offer including waterfall, fish feeding, and Ambae island sunset lookout. 2-3 hours. 1000 vt p.p.

Snorkelling Snorkel one of the best coral reefs found in Vanuatu or the World, feed the fish in their habitats and different types of reefs in the harbor of Southern Maewo Island. Reason why yachters love Maewo for return visits. 45 mins. 1000vt p.p

Lovoa Restaurant and Bar. Meals 1500-2000vt per meal/ Local recipe and fruits. Upon booking. 1500-2000vt

Naone Waterfall Biggest waterfall in Vanuatu, community product with refreshments, traditional welcome. Half day 2000 vt p.p

Mule Game Fishing Line fishing from a traditional canoe with local guide, old fishing techniques and spots, never done fishing before – don't want to miss this to start a fishing expert skills. 30 minutes. 500vt p.p.

Bat Cave tour Come see the bats that live inside this cave! 2 hours. 1000vt p.p.

Surf beach The east coast of the island has great surf beaches that you don‟t have to share! Half day. 5,000vt p.p

Cultural Attractions

Women's traditional dance & weaving class Learn to weave and dance with the local mama‟s. The skills here are unique to the area. 1.5 hours. 1000vt p.p.
Bamboo band See the amazing band who make the most amazing music from bamboo pipe instruments. 1.5 hours. 600vt p.p.
Custom village and garden tour A Custom experience where you will see firsthand traditional ways of living. Half day. 1000 vt p.p

Other Attractions

Massage Full body massage. 30 minutes. 600vt p.p.