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Vanuatu will reopen border on 1st July 2022!!

Border re opening mailchimp April

Release from Friday, 08th April 2022: What wonderful news from the Prime Minister, Hon. Bob Loughman Weibur today. Our borders will be open for tourists and all international visitors on 1 July 2022 to Answer The Call of Vanuatu!

That is only 84 more sleeps.

We know how much tourism operators and businesses need to get done to be ready in time and having a date provides that level of certainty for you to start making plans.

There is obviously a range of detailed information required to support this announcement and that is yet to be confirmed.

The Vanuatu Tourism Office will be meeting with the Ministry of Health on Monday morning which will hopefully provide some of this information.

In the short term, we will be reaching out to our trade and media partners to share this fabulous update (they will be excited as well) and ask them to bear with us as we get to the next level of detail for preparatory work.

At the beginning of Covid, the Vanuatu Tourism Office made the decision to keep destination Vanuatu in the marketplace alive and continued with our destination messages, strong networks and connections with our partners to ensure a softer landing with recovery.

Here are some responses to the news this afternoon.

Sarah Beeken – Island Escapes, Australia

“The border announcement is wonderful news! We have many clients that have been waiting for this news – they’ll be very happy to hear that they can visit Vanuatu this year.”

House of Travel – New Zealand

“Yay, this is amazing news! Keep us posted x”

Shelley at Our Pacific – New Zealand

“Oh, that’s fabulous 😊 Let us know the protocols when known. It’s time for a bubble for sure”

Our priorities for the next month will be:

  • To finalize our marketing plans for the ‘Back To Market’ program in line with our Market Ready Pillar.
  • To work with our Tourism industry in Vanuatu and abroad to better understand their opening plans and status as part of being Tourism Ready.
  • To make sure our ‘Clean, Caring and Checked’ messaging is hitting the market showing that our Safe Business Operations training and auditing is progressing.
  • To continue working with our partners at Air Vanuatu, Airports Vanuatu Ltd and other aviation partners to prepare all connectivity plans.
  • To get and our social media platforms ready for the anticipated increased traffic and requests for information.

There is a lot to do for everyone to get prepared. VTO has prepared a short checklist that might help jog your memory of some of the next steps in your recovery marketing journey.

For more information on the checklist, please click HERE.

The VTO team urges all our tourism industry members and our communities to get vaccinated and stay safe. We have seen that this is the best way to protect ourselves, our families and our businesses.

Let the countdown begin!

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