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Yasur Backpackers Bungalow and Tree House

Budget/Backpackers Tanna

Phone: +6787379492
Mobile: +6785697884


Have you ever stayed on an island bungalow that is built ontop of the remanents of a volcanic lava tube? Welcome to Yasur Backpackers Bungalow where the magnificance of mother nature can be experienced at the very fore front as you look out to Mount Yasur.


Yasur Backpackers is located right along the base of Yasur Volcano so guests can not miss the awesome fireworks from mother nature.

The bungalow has proper toilet and shower facilities, fresh water source from the mountains, and Yasur Backpackers tree house comes in a two bedroom divided by a private balcony and facing the volcano so guests can enjoy the view and ambience.

Map & Directions

Yasur Backpackers Bungalow and Tree House, Australia