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WindowBlongMi Instructions


Join our #WindowBlongMi Social Media Campaign

Dear operators,

While Vanuatu is currently addressing its first wave of covid-19 community transmission, the Vanuatu tourism Office is excited to launch a social media campaign under the theme #WindowBlongMi.

In these trying times, our windows have suddenly become a more meaningful bridge with the outside world, as they allow us to connect remotely with our neighbors and to catch a glimpse of just how beautiful our surroundings are.

This campaign is urging residents and operators to share their Vanuatu Moments online by showcasing what they can visualize outside through their windows, whenever and wherever they are –– thus creating a virtual portal to different destinations within the country.

#WindowBlongMi is inspired by the different out and about experiences throughout Vanuatu, while remaining safe at home. Our intention is to generate an abundance of positive and inviting social media stories, to take our audience on a journey, while stimulating the human imagination and appreciation of the different beautiful and unique views in Vanuatu.

More than just a collection of things to see, this campaign will take us to an emotive place that highlights the amazing moments that can happen here in Vanuatu, even during such a difficult time. It will allow us and the tourism industry to keep the dream alive for our domestic market.

We have created a range of frames and logos for the industry: HERE. Please feel free to use them on your social media and use the hashtag #WindowBlongMi.

As of today, we will also start a challenge for the domestic consumer to share their view from their windows.

We can’t wait to see the view from your windows brighten up Vanuatu’s feed.

Take care and stay safe!