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Unsure what to pack for multi day hike in Vanuatu? Check out our hiking packing checklist. 

• Small backpack. Pack light for this hike as you will be walking for several days. We recommend no more than 5 kilos.

• Comfortable shoes to walk in, such as trail shoes or runners with good grip. You might get them wet crossing rivers

• Light fabrics clothes such as cotton, linen and viscose

• Walking trousers to protect from high grass and mosquitos

• Sarong to tie around your shorts or to cover your shoulder when passing through villages (women)

• 1L hiking flask to be refilled with boiled rain water every day. You can also bring water purification tablets

• Small toiletries and first aid supplies like antiseptic and antibiotic cream, peroxide and bandages, rehydration powder, gastro medication and headache tablets

• Personal medication

• Hat

• Sunglasses

• Sunscreen

• Insect repellent

• Small snacks

• Emergency toilet paper

• Camera with a bag to keep it dry in case of downpour and chargers. Vanuatu and Australian power points are similar

• Cash in small notes or coins

• Light rain jacket

• Torch or headlamp

• Sandals or thongs and long-sleeved sweater change for the evenings and early mornings.

• Single bed sheet or sleeping bag inner

• Inflatable pillow

• Mosquito net

• Fast dry travel towel

hiking whattopack 5

• Swim suits or a t-shirt you can swim in

• Ask your guide before packing if you also need to pack anything for the villages you are visiting during your hike