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Volcanic Earth

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Volcanic Earth is a leading natural skincare brand from Vanuatu harnessing the benefits of volcanic ash, pumice, virgin coconut oil, pure Tamanu 0il and Hibiscus to formulate natural skincare solutions for common skin issues from aging to acne, age spots, stretch marks, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin pigmentation and more, for consumers from all over the world.


Volcanic Earth’s approach of utilizing natural Pacific ingredients has earned them access to a global market of individual consumers from six of the seven continents, including countries such as Singapore, United Arab Emirates, USA, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and as far as Madagascar and even Inner Mongolia..

Linda Trenkner, CEO and Managing Director, says that focusing on creating products with natural ingredients for specific skin conditions, has been at the heart their growing consumer-base.

“Our most sought-after products to date are those in our unique Tamanu Oil Range that not only rejuvenate the skin but are powerful enough to address common skin problems. Also wildly popular are our anti-aging, Facial Care Ranges. These include really distinctive ingredients such as the Hibiscus flower which is also known as the ‘natural botox plant’”, said Linda.

Linda also believes the people behind the brand, the Ni Vanuatu communities and their practice of careful cultivation of natural resources, are the reason Volcanic Earth is able to succeed.

“For centuries, Melanesians have been aware of the extraordinary, rejuvenating properties of the Earth’s oils around them, for both skin and hair. In fact, what is now cited by many in the global cosmetology industry as the world’s ‘number one super oil’, Tamanu Oil has long been regarded in the Pacific Islands as one of nature's sacred gifts. Volcanic Earth’s skin care cosmetics reflect the traditional, organic skin care practices of this ancient culture, while providing economic livelihood opportunities for those who do not have access to many employment options,” said Linda.

“Our customers are aware that when they purchase Volcanic Earth Products, apart from buying natural and effective skin care products to meet their needs, they are making a positive contribution to the plight of those who are in many cases, less economically fortunate than themselves. This aspect of our business really goes to the core of why we started Volcanic Earth in the first place” continued Linda.

So, when you visit Port Vila, Vanuatu be sure to stop by Volcanic Earth for some amazing skin care products and gift packs to take home.

You can learn more about Volcanic Earth by visiting its website.

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