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Vanuatu Kid's Guide

With so much on offer across Vanuatu's islands, there's plenty to see and do for not just Mum and Dad, but the kids too! Your kids will quickly make friends with the local pikinini (children), who always love to make new friends and play with visitors. We've pulled together a list of some of the 'kid-preferred' activities that will have them going back to school for 'show and tell' with stories they'll hold with them for life.

Vanuatu Jungle Zipline

Kids and kids at heart love the Vanuatu Jungle Zipline (just 20 minutes from Port Vila), as they hurtle through the jungle letting out an almighty Tarzan-like scream. The six lines (all of different lengths) take you on a journey through the trees and across expansive canyons.

The recently-opened Skybridge extends 120m across the canyon, 65m above the valley floor. The Vanuatu Jungle Zipline is a great afternoon activity for kids of all ages.

Combine your trip to Vanuatu Jungle Zipline with a trip on Vanuatu Helicopters for an unforgettable day out for the whole family.

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Hideaway Island and Mele Beach Bar

Just 20 minutes and a short boat ride away from Port Vila, Hideaway Island is a great day out for the family, with coral reef just metres from the shoreline. You'll find all kinds of colourful sea life and even the southern hemisphere's only underwater post office!

To post a letter, you'll need to buy a special postcard from the island's shop, write your note and then dip your head beneath the surface and swim down to the letter box. Kids absolutely love doing this - it sure beats posting a postcard from a regular postbox! After the mail's been posted, spend the day deciding between whether to snorkel more, or simply kick back on the white sand beach.

After a day on Hideaway Island, head to Mele Beach Bar (a 2 minute boat ride away) where you can watch the sunset, and on Friday nights, watch an amazing fire show. The menu pleases even the fussiest eaters, so it's a real family favourite.

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Havannah Coast Islands

The islands of the Havannah Coast are fabulous day trips out of Port Vila (particularly Pele and Lelepa), and fun for the whole family. Tours that run to these islands will start with hotel pick ups, and you'll spend the morning experiencing village life and snorkelling, before the local kids are let out of school, and just want to play all afternoon in the shallows near the shoreline. Your kids will quickly make friends, and find themselves talking for years to come about just how amazing their day trip out to the Havannah Coast islands were.

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Great, safe swimming spots

When travelling with the kids, you naturally want them to be swimming in safe environs. Given the stunning year-round warm weather in Vanuatu, there's no shortage of great spots to go for a dip. Efate's Blue Lagoon is a great spot for the kids try their hand at the rope swing and frolic with local kids in the stunning shades of aqua.

If you want to explore hidden swimming spots, check out Vanuatu Ecotours (they also have great rainforest walks and biking tours).

Mt Yasur, Tanna

Tanna's Mt Yasur is the world's most accessible active volcano. This not only means that its lava lights up the night sky, but the accessbility means it's great for parents with young kids in tow to safely and easily get to the cusp of the volcano and view one of Mother Nature's finest shows. This is one of those life experiences that kids will never forget, and will talk about as the ultimate family adventure for years to come. 

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Champagne Coast

Espiritu Santo's Champagne Coast is a string of stunning blue holes and pristine beaches that the whole family will enjoy exploring. Whether it's paddling in an outrigger down the Riri River, swinging off a banyan tree into Matevulu Blue Hole or leaping into Nanda Blue Hole, the blue holes that dot the central Champagne Coast will blow the kids' minds.

Further up the coast, Champagne Beach is often voted one of the world's best beaches, and when you arrive, you'll see why, thanks to its pristine sand beaches and shallow waves (safe for the kids to play in with the friendly locals). Port Olry's beach is similarly calm, with a long stretch of sand, and some great lunch options.

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Eden on the River

Just 20 minutes out of Port Vila, Eden on the River is another great spot for kids to safely swim in the Rentapao River between waterfalls.

There's also a fabulous ropes course traversing the river that kids of all ages enjoy.

On dry land, Eden on the River has friendly farm animals, mini golf and lunch options, so you'll easily be able to while away a whole day.

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Ekasup Cultural Village

Embark on a guided tour through Ekasup Cultural Village, and the whole family will come face to face, and experience, facets of ni-Vanuatu culture. You'll learn about the village lifestyle, from farming to daily life and innate kastom.

You'll meet the friendly locals (such as this friendly tyke) and learn all about kastom and history. The tour will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Ekasup, meaning you don't need to plan a thing!

For more ways that you can experience ni-Vanuatu culture in Vanuatu, check out this article.

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