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The Kava House

Tours Efate

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Alongside powdered Kava bags and artefacts including Home kit packs and kava chocolates that customers can buy, the Kavahouse Limited can also organize The Kava Discovery Tour which provides visitors the opportunity to discover the secrets of Vanuatu’s renowned cultural beverage.


Learn about the origins of kava and its botanic characteristics, how it is cultivated, harvested, its preparations and its consumption.

Explore its remedial values to anxiety and stress and the global market that are benefiting from this humble root pepper plant.

In the process of all these, information on control measures in place to ensure that all kava produce is organically grown by local farmers, traditionally harvested, sun dried, sorted, chopped, pounded and packed carefully to maintain quality.

Powdered kava bags and artefacts available for purchase at end of tour. Artefacts are sourced from main kava-producing islands of Vanuatu. From our retail shop, our products include kava bags containing powder from 50g to 1kg sizes in six different sizes complete with preparation method.

There are also Home Kit Packs for a kava experience at home. These packs include kava bags and coconut shells for a full kava experience and they come in three different sizes.

Newly introduced this year is our kava chocolate made especially for the Kava House Kava in 45grams and proving to be a hit for tourists and locals alike. The cacao component is sourced from islands in Vanuatu by Aelan Chocolate who have won global awards in chocolate making.

We also have our famous Kava House Wear in singlets and t shirts that are proudly worn by avid kava drinkers and tourists who understand what this plant does for our society.

Our range of pharmaceutical finished products brought in from the USA are made from Vanuatu Kava sent udner FDA requirements and come in four different varieties from capsule form to liquid form.

Coconut is a large part of the local diet and so coconut shells used for kava drinking as well as many other variations are purchased for women in the villages who wish to explore with handicraft activities to generate revenue.

All coconut shells have a fine finish and ready for export.In our shop, the finished coconut products are sold as coffee mugs, soap holders, candle holders and many more.

Map & Directions

the kava house vanuatu


15 minutes drive from Port Vila city center