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Day One: Efate – Port Vila

Arrive in Port Vila


As Vanuatu offers a variety of culinary experiences for all food lovers from French cuisine to modern Asian-fusion and delectable fresh seafood, there is a variety of restaurants scattered around town and in the resorts where you can have dinner on your first night.

Day Two: Malekula – South West Bay


Fly to Malekula to Norsup airstrip with Air Vanuatu (Allow one hour for check-in time for all domestic flights and note there is a provincial departure tax of VT200/person to pay at each domestic airport after your check-in).

For the intrepid try one of Malekula’s bush hikes which you can booked through the Malampa office. Details at


Orientation with your bungalow owner. Have a good long rest to prepare for the next few days of bush trekking!

Day Three: Malekula – Inua to Melken Hike

Start the 2-3 day Man Bush Walk


Your first day of trekking will take you on a 9.32 km trail with an elevation of 94 metres. It will take two or three hours depending on your fitness level.  This is the easier part of the walk with clear paths.  There are a lot of river crossings and expect some to be thigh high.

Day Four: Malekula – Melken to Labongbong Hike

On your second day of the trek in Malekula, you leave Melken for Labongbong. This is 17.39 km of trail up to an elevation of 840 metres (finish at 540 metres).  This is a full, difficult trekking day with six hours of walking. You will have one very steep climb that gains over 500 metres of elevation very quickly and cross some rivers on this day.

Day Five: Malekula – Labongbong to Lawa Hike

This is a moderate to difficult hike day but rewards are the magnificent waterfalls and rivers!

Today is the final day to reach your destination- Lawa. You are ending your trekking today as you leave Labonbong for Lawa, a slightly shorter stretch than yesterday with a total distance of 15.19 km. You will have three climbs, including one steep one after you cross the Matanoi River gaining 300 metres of elevation in less than a kilometre. At the end you reach the reward of jumping in a beautiful waterfall! Spend your last night on the trek sleeping in a village and enjoying the Malekula hospitality.

Day Six: Malekula to Efate – Port Vila

Spend the morning visiting the Small Nambas’ or Big Nambas’ villages that will show you their traditional way of life on the island through amazing kastom dances, intricate sand drawings, weaving and island cooking.  


Depart Malekula for Port Vila


Relax in Port Vila and enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants on offer

Day Seven: Efate – Port Vila

Take one of the many tours on offer from, jet skiing, snorkelling, kayaking, horse riding, waterfalls, zip lining and many more.  Then be back at your resort or Port Vila in time for lunch!


Spend the afternoon shopping and getting some duty free goods. Port Vila is Vanuatu’s only duty-free port and a shopper’s delight with its colourful blend of French, English and Melanesian cultures. French perfume, champagne and patisseries can be found alongside the handicraft markets, souvenir outlets, jewellery and gift shops, and fashion wear including brightly coloured sarongs and-printed t-shirts, board shorts and beachwear.

Day Eight: Efate – Port Vila

Full Day

Moet, massage and modelling with Jojo.

Moet, massages and modelling with a stunning view looking out over Paradise Cove. Your host Jojo, is warm and hospitable and she puts on a fashion show with her models whilst you are getting your massage, Moet, and a final spa Jacuzzi to end the divine experience. What a way to end your Vanuatu adventure and feel totally pampered.


Enjoy a sunset cruise or dine at one of the many restaurants in and around Port Vila.

Day Nine: Efate – Port Vila

And relax! Take a day trip to one of Efate’s smaller islands including Hideaway, Lelepa, Pele, Moso.  Enjoy snorkelling in the pristine reefs and beachside lunch.

Day Ten: Tata mo lukim yu!

Depart Port Vila