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Tanna Coffee

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Tanna Coffee is grown in the shadows of the still-active Mt. Yasur Volcano, on the island of Tanna in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, where unique climatic conditions provide a perfect environment for growing pure Organic ‘Arabica’ Coffee. Discerning coffee drinkers around the World appreciate that Tanna Coffee is full-bodied, exhibits wonderful aromatics and has a very pleasant nutty flavour finishing with a long, smooth, non-bitter after-taste.


Deep rich volcanic soils, abundant rainfall and plentiful sunshine are the essence of this great coffee and a pest-free environment, leguminous cover crops and bio-control weeding program, ensures that the entire area remains ideally suited for organic coffee production in a sustainable and inclusive manner in conjunction with a comprehensive small-holder farmer program, ensuring farmers maximise value-addition opportunities beyond fair trade.

A recent 5 year Coffee Development Programme (CDP) has been completed, resulting in increased quality, productivity and value-addition opportunities for all small-holder farmers. A large proportion of the program ensured that optimum quality control and freshness was strictly maintained throughout the entire coffee growing, processing and production sectors ‘From the Plantation to the Cup’ and this has proven worthwhile, through increased sales.

A diversity development program (DDP) will also be launched this year, providing dramatic changes in our agricultural diversity, productivity, production and marketing. These future developments arrived through high overseas demand for 100% pure organic Tanna Coffee from discerning consumers who recognise and appreciate the distinct qualities and unique flavours our coffee possesses. It is envisaged that in the next 5 years, there will be sufficient Tanna Coffee production available to satisfy and fulfil all of these international demands.

With an objective aimed towards steadily increasing sustainable raw coffee production and expanding Vanuatu’s Coffee Industry, we must continue to maintain the optimum quality levels that have been achieved so far, through only using traditional farming practices. By undertaking this approach, we can provide our customers with a truly natural and unique product that is not only organically grown, sustainable and ethically produced, but is also guaranteed to be 100% free of any harmful sprays or chemical fertilisers, yet still retaining the wonderful flavours, superb aromatic qualities and absolute satisfaction, to the last drop.

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Only 500meters along Devil’s Point Road at Mele Beach Efate Island, which is 15minutes west of the Airport and around 20 minutes from the capital city of Port Vila.