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Things to see and do while on Tanna for the Vanuatu Volcano Run

The atmosphere, the effortless humour and warmth of the people, the way the island invites you in with its comforting presence: not only does Tanna Island make you feel at home, it’s also an island filled with microadventures that will have you thirsting to visit again and again.

If you think you’ve seen or heard of all that Tanna has to offer, think again. From ashboarding down the sides of an active volcano to surfing on an uncrowded beach to soaking up the bubbles in a hot spring before heading off to immerse yourself in the intriguing Tannese colourful traditions –– There is something for everyone.

So whether you are going as a runner to the first ever Vanuatu Volcano Run or as a supporting family or friend, we highly recommend that you take the opportunity to stop by some of Tanna’s tourist hotspots because why not do it all, right?


Nusumetu Ecotourism Tour

The Nusumetu Ecotourism Tour is a sensational one-day tour that consists of 12 different stops. It combines a hike through ancient old-growth rainforests which are kept protected from as much human impact as possible and a cultural tour to learn of the Tannese traditional botanical knowledge. During the full day tour, visitors will trek up hills, visit a river where fish feeding activities take place, hike through different checkpoints where they are taught about the traditional uses of an endemic palm tree, and learn about other endemic species of birds and plants. Then, after scaling a mountain, guests are rewarded with a view across to Yasur Volcano. After a few more stages of the tour, visitors arrive at a beautiful natural waterfall and pool where lunch is served. The cost per person is Vt1,500. To book, call 5417975.

nusumetu eco tour tanna


See the Giant Banyan Tree in Leitouapam

The Giant Banyan Tree is located near the village of Leitouapam not far from Lenakel and is owned by the community. The tree is only a short walk from the village. It covers an area of over 200 metres, growing more than 100 metres across and 80 metres high. The aerial roots make it easy for anyone to climb. The exact age of this amazing tree isn’t known, but the sheer size of the tree means it was there long before Captain Cook arrived in 1774. Tours to see the Giant Banyan Tree can be arranged through VTO’s Tanna Travel Centre (call 7788813/7100597) or with your local accommodation operator. There is an entrance fee of Vt1,000 per adult, & Vt700 per child 4-12 years. Children 0-4 are free.

VTO0049 See the Giant Banyan

A must visit! Nazareth Twin Waterfall

Often overlooked and underrated, the Nazareth Twin Waterfall is located within walking distance from Isaka village south of the Mount Yasur Volcano. Follow a winding creek on foot and reward yourself with a swim when you reach the cool jungle oasis that surrounds the twin waterfall. There is a change room facility and a separate tour that allows you to watch a kastom dance and learn about the local butterfly population. The entrance costs Vt1,000 for adults and 500 for children under 13 years. You can book the tour through your accommodation provider or call VTO’s Tanna Travel Centre on 7788813/7100597.

nazareth waterfall tanna


Drop in at Iwea Hot Spring

Take a dip in the Iwea Hot Springs while you’re out and about in South East Tanna. Here you can do clay face painting activities, visit the steam vent and an amazing lookout point that takes you approximately 30 minutes to walk to. The tour costs Vt1,000p/p for adults and Vt500 for kids under 12. A guided Kayak tour to visit the largest hot spring can also be organized at Vt2,500 for a maximum of 5 people. It is recommended to check the hot springs during low tide when the rock pools are visible. Sightseeing around Port Resolution areas such as White Beach and Shark Bay can also be visited from here. To book, call 7308420 or VTO’s Tanna Travel Centre on 7788813/7100597.

  hot springs


Experience Traditional Melanesian Kastom

The Imaio Cultural Village is located east of Tanna with the stunning backdrop of Mt Yasur Volcano making this a great cultural option to visit when you’re in Tanna this October. The people here will amaze you with their colorful custom dances, tales, traditions and insight into their everyday lives. There are also accommodations available here where guests can stay and enjoy a meal before heading off to the Vanuatu Volcano Race. To book, call VTO’s Tanna Travel Centre on 7788813/7100597. Entry fee is Vt1,000 per adult.

VTO0049 Experience trad Melanesian kustom

Dive into the Blue Cave

Situated on the north-west coast line of Tanna Island, the Blue Cave Tour must be at the top of your places to visit this October. Whether you are a keen snorkeler or not, allow yourself to be enthralled by the beauty of this place. To get here you can travel by boat or road before taking the dive to enter into the cave. At low tide you can swim right under the rock ledge and at high tide, you will need to swim underwater for a short distance to enter the cave.
With natural lighting pouring through the large cave highlighting the blue water, photo opportunities are a must here. Here you can also jump off the platform and cliffs into the water below. The entrance fee is Vt3,500p/p (minimum of 2). To book, call 5491119/7606593.

VTO0049 Swim in Tanna


For more information on tours and activities, visit VTO’s Port Vila Visitor Information Centre (opposite Alliance Française) or call 22813. On Tanna, drop in to the VTO Tanna Travel Centre in Lenakel (located opposite the market house) on 7788813/7100597.