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Tamess Bungalow

Bungalow Gaua

Phone: +678 5039880
Mobile: +678 5437063


Hours: Everyday from 8am to 10pm

Welcome to Tamess Bungalow. As you step outside the plane, walk for just 5 minutes and you arrive at Tamess where George and his family are ready to welcome you with a big smile, and make you feel at home.


There are 6 bungalows locally built from traditional materials uniquely designed with signature art of the island. On the menu are food options prepared from fresh and organic food crops, vegetables, and fruits which are served in the kitchen.

Your host can organize a trip to the Siri waterfalls and you can also watch the local women play the water music or hike up to Lake Letas, then paddle across to Mount Garet on an Outrigger canoe. It's not an easy trek but worth the hard efforts from start to finish!

Map & Directions

tamess bungalow gaua, Vanu Lava, Vanuatu


No need for a transfer! We are located two minutes’ walk from Gaua airport.