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Tam Tam Bungalows

Bungalow Malampa

Phone: +678 7319342
Mobile: +678 5313844


Tam-tam Bungalow offers the unique chance to discover Custom and Culture dating back many centuries. Visit the preserved dancing ground, admire authentic custom dances, visit the villages and share our culture with smiling and lovely people in Vao.


The business is family owned and operated and supported fully by the Vao Community.Tam-tam Bungalows offers peaceful accommodation with 3 bungalows with a new private flush toilets and showers.

Bethehul Bungalows (1): 1 bed room with one double bed and 1 single bed. With private flush toilet and shower. Beterihi Bungalow (2): 2 bed rooms with one double bed in each room with private flush toilet and shower. Noroure Bungalow (3): 1 bedroom with 1 double and 2 single bed. All bungalows are brand new, with good Standard in Malekula.

Rates for Accommodation:

Betehul Bungalow (1): 3,100 VT per person, per night including breakfast. Beterihi Bungalow (2): 2 people. Noroure Bungalow (3): 3,100 VT per person, per night including breakfast.

Breakfast is included in the accommodation, while lunch or dinner prices begin at 1,200 VT per person (traditional sor-sor laplap is available at 1,500 VT per person). Children under 12 years eat at half price, while those under 5 years are free of charge for all meals accommodation and tours.

Services include: Tours Desk (Malekula culture and traditional tours), Restaurant, Daily room service, Landry service, Canoe rides, Conference room, Transfers.

Activities and tours include: Small Nambas, Big Nambas, Vao Island Historial Site, Snorkelling, Bush-walking, Apialo cave, Botko cannibal sites, Custom dances and magic, Transfer rate is 6,500 VT for a group up to 4 people one way.

Map & Directions

tam tam bungalows, vao malekula, Lakatoro, Vanuatu


Located 45 minutes from the airport, Tam-tam Bungalow is a traditional building close and near the beach and sea with beautiful sunrises and sunsets each day. Nice view to see Vao Island and quiet place to relax.