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The third blue hole, Nanda or Jackie’s Blue Hole  is located at the top of Turtle Bay (about 1.5 – 2hr paddle north of the house). You can kayak there from the house however it is a long paddle (2hrs +) and only recommended for experienced sea kayakers. Make sure to paddle up the river on an incoming high tide (stay to the left) – its about 4km to reach the blue hole but its’ definitely worth the effort (like being in the Amazon without the crocs or nasties).

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Jackie’s Blue Hole can also be reached by car (approx. 6-8 min. drive past Turtle Bay) and features a small cafe. It costs a little more for the entry fee than other Santo blue holes (1000vt vs 500vt for the others) but you do get a free coffee/tea and cake with entry. Note – there is now a second entrance to Nanda Blue Hole – just south of the main entrance – but this is not the actual blue hole – just a section of the river leading away from it – operated by a different custom owner! Still nice for a swim but nothing like the real thing.

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