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Penama province Accommodation

The islands of Penama province, especially Pentecost and Maewo, are known as the islands of large waterfalls and rivers so your accommodation on those two islands is bound to be nearby a river or waterfall.

Pentecost is also the home origin of the bungee jumping, where the locals celebrate nagol or land diving from April to June. It was during the nagol festival in 1979, that AJ Hackett got the idea of Bungee jumping and introduced it to the world. 

All accommodations in the 3 islands are traditional to semi island-style, to allow guests experience the unique and real Vanuatu away from the commercial centres. The bungalows are built from local materials, and hosts prepare cooked meals everyday.

Rooms are kept clean & tidy with basic amenities, and the managers help organize tours and activities for you.