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Unity Airlines

Tours Port Vila

Phone: +678 24475
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With Unity Airlines, you will get to experience a Vanuatu volcano tour and other sightseeing adventures that you will never forget including the world famous Land diving festival, origin of the bungee.


Nagol Tour (Half Day) - 48,900vt p/p

Get picked up from your hotel and driven to the airport at 8am. The flight leaves Vila at 9.00 am and flies over Efate where you take in the view of pristine jungles, tropical mountains, rivers and villages. As you fly past the coast you will see reefs and the magnificent blues of the shallow waters that ring the island.

Enroute to Pentecost there will be a scenic overfly of 3 volcanoes; Lopevi Volcano along with Marum and Benbo volcanoes on Ambrym. Make sure you have your camera ready!

We arrive at Lonororoe, on Pentecost island, at 10.00 am where the local villagers will give you a traditional welcome. The jumps will commence soon afterwards with between six to ten jumps open for the public.

Once the jumps are finished you’ll have a chance to eat local snacks before heading back to Port Vila.

Nangol Tour Tips:

Bring Sunscreen, Bring a bottle of water and your favourite snacks, Bring a camera and tripod, Bring mosquito repellent.

There is an additional 200 Vatu departure tax payable at Port Vila airport. As ATMs are not available on Pentecost, please ensure you carry cash for any purchases you may wish to make.

* Note: that itinerary and trip times are approximate and may be subject to change. Prices in AUD approximate based on current exchange rates.

Duration*: 6 hours

Flight time: 80-120mins. Includes: airport transfers in Vila, flights to Pentecost, scenic overfly of 3 Volcanoes, greetings at Pentecost, jump entrance fee, six to ten jumps, local refreshments.

Itinerary*: 0745: Pick up from Hotel. 0800: Check in at Vila. 0900: Depart Vila. 0930: Overfly Volcano (weather permitting). 1000: Arrive at Pentecost. 1030: Jumps Begin. 1300: Depart Pentecost. 1315: Overfly Volcanoes (If not done in the morning). 1400: Arrive at Vila.

Visiting Mount Yasur is a 'once in a lifetime' experience. This is your opportunity to watch nature at work. Enjoy the magnificent fireworks display as you listen to the deep groans and roars coming from within. See and hear explosions of rock and ash thrown high into the sky and then thud back into the crater. Feel the earth tremble beneath your feet.

Map & Directions

Unity Airlines Port Vila, Efate


Located in the Domestic airport just 10 minutes drive from Port Vila's city center.