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Sleeping Mountain Tour

Tours Mota Lava

Phone: +678 36617


Sleeping Mountain is the highest peak on Motalava Island and is an experience not to be missed. Make sure you bring your camera for the special reveal at the end of the hike!


This tour is operated by Ben Buddley who will meet you at your accommodation and lead you on the hike. The walk will take you through Ben’s village, where his children will join you for the walk, giving you the opportunity to see daily village life and meet some of the locals who will sing-out to you as you pass. From the village you will make your way to the coast and follow Motalava’s white sandy beach fringed by coconut trees. You will be able to see nearby Rah Island across the lagoon and even Vanualava on a clear day. After, you will return to the bush and begin your climb through village gardens and lush jungle. As you walk Ben will point out different native plants you pass and explain their medical or kastom uses. There are lookouts and seats along the way to rest and listen to Ben’s stories about the history of Motalava and kastom legend of Sleeping Mountain. As you come near the top of the mountain Ben will tie a special leaf around your eyes so you can’t see anything – like an island style blindfold. What happens next? We will leave this bit a secret so you can experience it yourself!

Map & Directions

sleeping mountain tour mota lava, Vanuatu