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Rah Paradise Bungalow

Bungalow Banks Islands

Phone: +678 5945757
Mobile: +678 7610803


Welcome to Rah Paradise Bungalows offering memorable, authentic island experiences that will tempt you to keep coming back for more.


With one ensuite and 3 bungalows, our bungalows and restaurant are located on the beach where nearby lies the famous Rock of Rah which has been captured by professional and iconic photographers and influencers from around the world.

Rah Paradise Bungalows is conveniently located so guests enjoy golden sunrises and sunsets over the horizon.

Guests can enjoy the region's signatory Sea Snake custom Dance, indulge in seafood delicacies including the coconut crab as the specialty dish.

In the village, guests can enjoy mingling with the locals and learn about their every day livelihoods from gardening, fishing, weaving mats, cooking the island way to preparing kava, relaxing in the sea, and even sharing a few shells of kava.

Rah Paradise Bungalow is an hour drive from Motalava airport and a short canoe (taxi boat) ride across the lagoon to Rah island. As you arrive, get ready to be welcomed by the beautiful singing of the Rah Women’s Society.

Your friendly hosts Yan and Rachel can organize tours and activities such as the Rah Kastom village tour, Sea Snake Dance, Sleeping Mountain trek and Mota-lava cultural tour.

Map & Directions

rah paradise bungalow