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Rah Island Kastom Tour

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The cultural practices of Rah Island are unlike anything else in Vanuatu and the community of Rah Island is very proud of their kastom and heritage. They have come together to create this unique experience to share their history and way of life with you in a tour that is not to be missed!


The tour takes place at one of Rah Island’s most sacred sites at the base of the famous Rock of Rah, surrounded by lush jungle and enormous banyan tress.

This is also the site of the Shell Money Bank that used to service all the communities of the Banks Islands before the entrance was sealed by a natural disaster.

Your guide will meet you at your accommodation and walk with you to the gate of the tour where you will be met by the local chief. Once you have been escorted inside, the Chief will paint your face to ensure that the kastom spirits of the site will recognize you and allow you to move freely around the area.

After the tour finishes you will be given the option to climb the Rock of Rah. While this choice is at your discretion please be aware that this climb does include shear drops and can be risky.

The climb has not been cleared for meeting safety standards by the Torba Department of Tourism and we strongly recommend that you do not undertake this climb unless you are extremely confident in your abilities.

Map & Directions

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