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The Torres are Vanuatu's northernmost islands. Geographically, Torres lies north and west to the Solomon Islands. As with all of Vanuatu, the main islands are volcanic in origin with active volcanoes. The Torres features 4 islets.

Hiu island

Far from Port Vila, visitors to the Torres Islands are few. The islands are lightly populated and natural resources are mostly abundant. They have white sand beaches and there's rumoured to be surf on Hiu Island.

Loh island

The small village of Lunghariki on Loh hosts the administrative centre for the Torres Islands (a vacant looking government building). There is a medical clinic but no bank, no police station and just a couple of very basic stores. There are no telephone booths but only Telecom Vanuatu and Digicel mobile receptions.

torres isles loh

The remaining 2 islets are Tegua and Toga, each having its own natural beauty, untouched and tucked away from modernization.