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Rah is the smallest but most well known island in the Banks region, thanks mostly to British photographer Jimmy Nelson who featured Rah in his Before They Pass Away series. This tiny island has a population of 90 people and sits just off the coast of Motalava. You can get to Rah from Motalava by Taxi-Canoe or by wading across the channel at low tide.

Though it is located close to Motalava, Rah island maintains its own distinct culture. Most famous is the Rah Island Snake Dance, which is performed by the men in the village, accompanied by traditional drums and kastom songs. To experience more of Rah's unique culture you can visit the Rah Kastom Village, learn how shell money is made and climb the famous Rock of Rah!

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During your visit, you will be staying right on the beach and will fall asleep to the gentle sound of waves. You can swim, snorkel and fish straight from your bungalow and walk around the island at low tide. Your host will be more than happy to accompany you and give you a personal tour of the village!