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Tanna has a variety of Accommodations to cater for every budget. There are two Luxury Resorts found on the West Coast of Tanna, close to the airport. Tanna also offers a variety of smaller more traditional style Island Bungalows located throughout the Island with the majority found close to the Volcano for easy access to visit the Volcano on more than one occasion if you have enough time! If you are feeling adventurous and after a unique cultural experience Tanna also offers Village stays in some of the local custom communities.

tanna cultural village JP Niptik


Tanna is the Soft Adventure Island of Vanuatu and has many tours of interest for all travellers. The main attraction is the mighty Mt Yasur Volcano, located in East Tanna. You can also spend your days snorkelling in some of the most pristine waters in the Pacific, exploring underwater caves, finding out about the local culture at the custom villages, learning about religious beliefs unique only to Tanna and much more! Spend some time in Tanna you will be surprised at what you can find if you allow yourself the time to explore this unique island and sink into Tanna’s relaxed lifestyle and culture.