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You will absolutely love the crystal clear waters of north Efate when you go out on a day trip to any of these beautiful islands:


Moso island is off the northwest coast of Efate separated from the mainland by Namoso Passage, which is 200 metres (660 ft) wide at its narrowest point. Along with Lelepa, it creates the harbour at north Efate known as Port Havannah. This harbour was a focal point during World War II, with many troops stationed there, including posts on Moso itself. Today, small tokens of the soldiers' presence can still be discovered on Moso. There are no roads or cars on Moso Island. There are approximately 300 ni-Vanuatu inhabitants on Moso, the majority in Tassirki village. Fishing, subsistence agriculture and tourism make up the economy of Moso. People most frequently fish from the traditional outrigger canoes both during the day and night.


Pele is inhabited by about 200-220 people and resides four villages: Worsiviu, Worearu, Piliura, and Launamoa. People of the island are laid back, easy going, and children are ever ready to welcome you with their smiling faces when you arrive on the island. The island is part of the MPA Nguna-Pele Marine Protected Area and is a popular diving location bountiful in colourful coral fishes, reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove forests and intertidal lagoons. If you’re lucky, you may spot dolphins and turtles as you take the ferry across from Emua wharf to Pele. There are also yachts available both from Emua and Nguna for the day and overnight charters to the island.


Lelepa is an island also located off the northwest coast of Efate. Lelepa has a length of about five kilometres in a north-south direction and an area of 160 hectares. The highest point is Mt. Tifit. The population of Lelepa is about 500 people. The largest town on the island Natapao perches on the southern edge of the isle. At the northern end of the island lies the village Lelo. On the island, there is a school, a kindergarten and two churches. Together with the neighbouring islands Moso and Efate, Lelepa forms the natural harbour Havannah Harbour, named after the British ship HMS Havannah that twice anchored there in 1849-50. The local language is Lelepa language, spoken by about 400 people. It is sometimes considered a dialect of South Efate language.


Nguna Island is an another island off the northern coast of Efate in Undine Bay. Nguna island sits between Pele Island and Moso Island and is dissected by two extinct volcano craters, the highest of which is the peak of Mount Taputoara at 593 meters (1,946 ft) tall. The island is part of the MPA Nguna-Pele Marine Protected Area and is a popular diving location bountiful in marine life. To get to the islands, you can get a bus to north Efate Emua Wharf where there are dingies to take you to your destination. There are also yachts available for day and overnight charters to the islands.