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Lelepa - Fels Cave of the great warrior chief Roimata

The island features Fels Cave where the legendary Great warrior Chief Roimata and his wives were drugged to death by a very strong kava. Chief Roimata is well known throughout the middle and southern islands of Vanuatu as a great and powerful chief, who united the warring and cannibalistic tribes of the area into a unified, and peaceful group of tribes, a first in ancient Vanuatu. 

This site on Lelepa Island was formerly used by the US soldiers during the war days in the 1940s, followed by the famous survivor TV series team in 2004 and the Australian Celebrity Survivors in 2006.

Respecting Local Culture

• The people on these 4 islands are used to tourists and very forgiving of inadvertent cultural transgressions. Even so ladies, when wandering through a village wear t-shirts and board shorts.
• You’ll be welcome to walk about the island, but seek information from your bungalow owner first. They’ll often send a pikinini along with you as a guide. Boundaries often aren't obvious, so be aware of trespassing.
• As a rule Ni-Vanuatu love having their photos taken, especially the children, nonetheless, please ask permission.