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Island belief

In the knowledge of the local inhabitants, their island is claimed to be the Son of Pentecost and Maweo Island. Being the son, the people of Ambae have the best of the two islands in terms of modern development, education and medical infrastructures and the provincial headquarter Penama is located on east Ambae.

The traditional kworo

ambae kworo red matThe traditional “kworo” is used throughout Ambae and is similar to what the cake is to today’s celebrations. However “kworo” carries more weight as it symbolises the first food that a new born baby tastes after birth and the last food that a father and mother give to farewell their daughter on her wedding day.

The ambae red mat

The red mat represents home or place to rest one’s head to go to bed after a good feed. In Ambae custom a red mat symbolizes the entire lifespan of a person. Traditionally when a baby is born, it is carried in a mat for calico.

At night it sleeps on the mat. When it grows into an adult, the mat is used to process his or her way through life to claim his and her rightful place in society and one day when he or she grows old and dies the mat is used to cover the body for burial.

Right image of the traditional kworo placed ontop of the island's signatory red mat. 

Other facts

Population 10,407

Longana (East Ambae): Flights operate on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday. Walaha (West Ambae): Flights operate on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday transit from Santo. Redcliff (South Ambae): airport closed

Known for Lake Monaro Volcano and its twin lakes.

Best time to visit Any time of year. Best to visit Monaro lake & volcano November to April.

Major centres Saratamata has a bank and Lolowai
Phone signal TVL and Digicel both have connections, Internet Saratamata, Nduin Dui
Banks National Bank Vanuatu located in Saratamata and Matai Dan (West Ambae)

Food Options A fruit and vegetable market operates in Saratamata during week days. Basic food supplies can be found in small stores scattered across the island.