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Accommodations on Malekula island are locally built offering visitors a unique island-style experience. You can dine on site and your host will be happy to organize the hikes and activities you want to do.

The bungalows are owned and operated by Ni-Vanuatu, so when you book and stay for a few days on Malekula you are directly contributing to the local economy.

Malekula is known for its ancient culture and the soft adventures. You will be able to visit historical sites where you will discover remanents of tribal warfares and cannibalism. You can also trek and do the 'Dog collar' where you trek along winding tracks through dense jungle, cut across villages and schools, to swimming with the dugongs or relaxing by some of the most remote & beautiful beaches and islets.

The tribes of Malekula include the "Small Nambas" and the "Big Nambas" which is a must visit. The Maskelynes archipelago south of Malekula are made up of Uri, Uripiv, Rano, Wala, Atchin and Vao scattered along the east coast, bordered by white beaches and reefs where you can snorkel and check out the colorful marine life including turtles and dugongs that visit the area.