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Pandanus Guest House

Bungalow Espiritu Santo

Phone: +678 36616


Depart the main island of Santo from St Michel or Nauneban for a 20 minute boat ride to Avunatari on Malo Island and your destination, the Pandanus Guest House. Discover this beautiful and unspoiled island and enjoy the local lifestyle. This is your chance to explore the beautiful island of Malo, just off the Santo coast, or simply relax and enjoy the hospitality of Vuro and Vomalehi.


Located in a delightful garden, Pandanus Guest House has three bungalows and a comfortable dining room that caters for all meals. Mosquito nets are provided and shower and flush toilet are available for all guests. Vuro operates his generator in the evenings for lighting. Breakfast lunch and dinner are catered for; the food is delicious and plenty. Vomalehi will even show you how to make lap-lap (a traditional dish) if you are interested!

Map & Directions

Malo Island Espiritu?? Santo, Luganville, Vanuatu


located on malo island Espiritu santo