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Nautilus Watersports

Tours Efate

Phone: +678 22 398
Mobile: +678 55 63 288


Nautilus Watersports has been operating for over 35 years so why not let our experienced crew here at Nautilus take you on the ultimate Adventure Experience with crystal clear waters the visual extravaganza of Vanuatu’s pristine reefs with over 470 species of colorful fish and 300+ corals OFFER the ultimate adventure experience.


Be it a first time experience for your or a regular scuba explorer our professional Scuba Instructor & enthusiastic well-seasoned dive guides ensure your safety & provide a service second to none, dive from Vanuatu’s only purposely build dive boat Cowrie, have a FREE refresher Dive in our purposely built dive pool.

Map & Directions

Kumul High way Port Vila


located in port vila harbour