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Nak Guesthouse

Bungalow Penama

Phone: +678 5373761
Mobile: +678 7729472


Welcome to Nak Guesthouse. We are looking forward to welcoming you to their humble bungalows, located on south Pentecost in the community of Pangi.


Nak Bungalow has 8 rooms made up of 6 singles and 2 double rooms, which is ideal for both single and couple travellers.

Nak Bungalow in the local dialect means 'my bungalow' and it is the aim of your hosts to make your stay most comfortable and enjoyable as possible so their home becomes yours. Bungalow rates are as follows: Single room 3,000vt per night including breakfast Double room 4,000vt per night including breakfast Group special, family of 4 6,000vt per night including breakfast (ie. 1 double & 1 single, dad, mum and 2 kids (under 12 years of age) They can organise airport transfers on a public transport at only 3000 VT from the airport to Pangi.

Map & Directions

Pangi, South Pentecost


South penticost Pangi villages