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Congratulations for signing the Nabanga Pledge!

Don't forget to Update your Facebook Photo with the Nabanga Pledge Photo Frame

Nabanga pledge frame

You can update your profile picture with the Nabanga Pledge Frame to show your commitment to keeping our communities safe. Follow these steps below:

                 1. Click on this link 
                 2. Upload your preferred picture 
                 3. Download and share with your friends.

Once you've done this you can now upload to Facebook as your profile picture. 

If you use your phone, follow these steps to show your support towards the Nabanga Pledge Campaign. 
                1. Click on this link 
                2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen
                3. Click on open in chrome, Samsung browser, or other browsers that is showing
                4. Choose your photo
                5. Download it and share!

Feel free to use the captions: #TheNabangaPledge #UnitedOnCovidSafety #AnswerTheCallOfVanuatu and tag us on Facebook @VanuatuTourismOffice !  


The Toolkit

You can now access the Nabanga Pledge Industry Toolkit and use all the collaterals and assets in your promotional channels, website and social media.

Download the links and get the Nabanga  Pledge logo, counter card, DL flyer, Infographic, passport card, poster, social tiles and more. 

If you have any questions related to the pledge, contact Lea Faccarello on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to view and download your copy of the Toolkit


Logo                Counter Card      DL Flyer

Nabanga Pledge Primary                countercard        VTO0119 DL Flyer v2

Primary Logo in JPG                       Counter card - Print Ready                                        Print Ready V2Web Ready V2    

Secondary Logo in PNG                 Counter card - Web Ready                                         DL Flyer V2 JPGDL Flyer V2-2 jpg



                 Long-Print Ready,  Long-Web Ready,  Short-Print ReadyShort-web ReadyInfographic Long V4 JPGInfographic Short V4 JPG

Passport Card                              Poster

passport card1    PASSport card copy    poster
              Passport Card Print Ready                                                                                                Posters 1 Print Ready , Posters 2 Print Ready                                             
               Passport Card Web Ready                                                                                                Posters 1 Web Ready , Posters 2 Web Ready


Social Tiles

VTO0119 Social Tiles 4  VTO0119 Social Tiles 3

Social Reference , Social Tile 1 , Social Tile 2 , Social Tile 3 , Social Tile 4 , Social Tile 5 , and Social Tile 6