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The competition has ended. Congratulations to the winner @melc2905!

Life is full of moments that bring us joy. We like to think that Vanuatu Moments are some of the most joyous, and we're keen to see how you experience your Vanuatu Moment.

If you've visited us before, we'd love to see an example of your Vanuatu Moment from your trip. Perhaps it was when you posted a letter at the Underwater Post Office or climbed up Mele Cascades.

If you've not yet visited, we'd love to see how you bring a slice of Vanuatu to your everyday life, whether it's hiking through forests, swimming at local beaches or soaking in an unforgettable sunset.

The person with the most original or creative response will win return flights for two to Vanuatu (thanks to Air Vanuatu!) and AUD$1,500 or NZD$2,000 towards accommodation of their choice (which could be either a locally owned bungalow, or a in a resort!) to go enjoy a Vanuatu Moment or two. 

So how do you win this amazing prize?

  1. Follow @vanuatuislands on Instagram
  2. Upload an image of your perfect Vanuatu Moment, along with a caption describing the Moment and who you'd share it with. This could be in the form of an image from a previous trip, a stock image or a creative representation (like a drawing or a painting!)
  3. Tag the @vanuatuislands Instagram page
  4. Hashtag #myvanuatumoments
  5. Tag three (3) friends who you'd like to share your Vanuatu Moment with.

Vanuatu Moments are part of everyday life for us here in Vanuatu, and we can't wait to share them with you.

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