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Mangamus Bungalow

Bungalow Nguna

Phone: +678 7113443
Mobile: +678 5361955


Mangamus Bungalow, located in the heart of Taloa village on the southern tip of Nguna island, is currently partially operating and undergoing renovations in preparation for the border re-opening in July. Your lovely hosts Kalfao and Rachel are ready to welcome you to their island bungalow nestled on white sand beach, and looking out towards the crystal clear ocean.


For all eco-centric travelers, beyond your bungalow's doorstep and the beach, lies the marine protected conservation area. There are restrictions in place with regards to walking on the reefs and fishing within the MRA which are not permitted, however, Joel does offer snorkeling tours to the clam farms, and guests can swim in the MRA.

Other activities that can be organized for guests include a trek up to the rim of a distinct volcano to capture stunning views of the Shepherd islands, Taloa Village tour, a trip out to the local gardens to see how the villagers spend a day in the gardens, and more.

Mangamus Bungalow has a separate ablution block consisting of a bucket flush toilet and bucket shower.

Cost per person is 3,500 vatu a night including breakfast. Lunch and dinner is an additional 500 vatu each.

Map & Directions

Taloa Village, Nguna island,North Efate, Port Vila, Vanuatu


Nguna Island, North Efate