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Lynda Epule Tour

Tours Port Vila

Phone: +678 7604637


Epule Linda Tour is a community-owned tour owned by the small community of Epule Village. The Tour was named after the Chief’s wife, Linda, as Epule Linda Tour.


The tour first starts down by the sea, where tourists are taken on 2 gigantic canoes up the river to the village. On arrival, visitors are welcomed by a traditional custom dance by local warriors dressed in traditional costumes and spears held in each of their hands.

After the welcome dance, the guests are directed to a small hut where there’s a feast prepared to share with everyone and a local string band as entertainment. If tourists would like to go for a swim, it is possible to swim down by the river.

Duration of the tour: half-hour tour.

Accept Credit Card: No cash only.

Map & Directions

Epule, Efate island, Vanuatu


Approximately an hour and a half drive from Port Vila Town.