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Lumete Beach Bungalows

Bungalow Malampa

Phone: +678 554 8888


On the only white sandy beach of South West Bay Lumete Beach Bungalow is located between Labo and Lawa Village in the lush tropical garden. Arriving from Wintua Airport it takes 15 minutes boat passing the village of Wintua, Lorloh and Labo Peter Isno will welcome you to Lumete Beach Bungalow.


Lumete Beach Bungalow now offers one bungalow with two bedrooms. One bedroom has a double bed and the other with one single bed ideal for a family of three or two singles.You will be served with authentic South West Bay cuisine. Main menu including fish, sea food and local beef from South West bay Butchery.Meal prices ranges from 500Vt up to 1500VT.

Map & Directions

South West Bay, Malekula, Vanuatu


15 minutes by boat to get to Lumete Beach Bungalow