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Lembot Water Music

Tours Gaua

Phone: +678 36617


Water Music is the distinct traditional practice of the women from Gaua Island. You don’t want to miss this incredible show when you visit the home of authentic Water Music. This cultural tour is mesmerizing and unforgettable, a true taste of the culture of Gaua.


Your tour guide will meet you at your accommodation and take you to Lembot village where the show will take place. On the way you will have the opportunity to visit the local kindergarten, church and nakamal – a great way to experience a traditional Ni-Vanuatu village.

The tour begins with a flower wreath presentation and individual introduction from each of the participants. Your tour guide will tell you the story of how water music came into being.

You will see 10 different kinds of music during the performance. The duration of the water music performance itself is around 30 minutes. Female guests are free to join in and practice water music with the performers at the end of the show – it may look easy but it is hard to do! Give it a go! Refreshments of local fruits and coconuts are included after the show.

Map & Directions

Gaua island, Banks Vanuatu