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When Europeans first arrived in Vanuatu, some of the workers who collected and dried sea cucumbers came up with their own language to chat with each other. This is where the name Bislama comes from - sea cucumbers! Many English and French words inspired some of the words you’ll learn about today.





Welkam  -  Welcome

Halo -  Hello

Olsem Wanem – How are you?

I gud, be yu? – I'm good, and you?

Mi no lukim yu longtaem – Long time no see

Wanem nem blong yu? – Whats your name?

Nem blong mi….  – My name is…

Yu blong wea? – Where are you from?

Mi blong… - I'm from….

Mi no save – I don’t understand

Tangkyu tumas – Thank you very much

Ale tata - Goodbye

Gudnaet – Goodnight

Gudmoning – Good Morning