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Island name: Gaua Island

No of days: 8 hours return

Length km/miles: Approximately 25 kilometers round trip - see map below

Difficulty levels: Grade 4

Steepness: 4/5

Roughness: 4/5

Seasonability: Booking can be made all year round.

Age group: 10 years old or more


Freshwater flows from Gaua Island active volcano crater lake before plunging into the Siri waterfalls, (formally called Santa Maria Waterfalls) at approximately five cubic metres per second.

This unforgettable eight hour return hike will take you through villages, local gardens, coconut plantations and deep tropical rainforest, alongside rivers and over wooden jungle bridges all the way to the highest waterfalls in the South Pacific.

At the bottom of the 120 high falls, drenched by Siri water mists, savour the feeling of being small in the face of nature.

Siri Waterfalls hike is a challenging one day expedition. The falls can also be visited as part of a multi-day hike to Mount Garet active volcano.


Your accredited guides and porters will come to pick you up at your bungalow on the coast for an early departure.

The first part of the day is usually done by boat or truck until Solomul river mouth. It can also be organised as an easy seven kilometers walk down the road that skirts the eastern coast of Gaua island, enjoying the sea sprays of the South Pacific.

Starting from the bridge you will hike inland in the tropical rainforest of the island. Playing hide and seek with the river, you go deeper and deeper for an unforgettable four hours trek to the base of Siri Waterfalls.

The highlights of the treks include ancient banyan trees and abandoned bush villages, “Indiana Jones” like wooden bridges over flowing river water and ladder-like steps cut into tree-trunks.

You will hear the noise of the waterfall grow louder as you go closer and closer. Arrive at the bottom of the immense falls where you will be almost immediately drenched by the water mists and feel the overwhelming power of nature.

Follow your guides at a safe distance to admire the Siri Waterfalls, and cool off after the hike with a swim in the freshwater.

You will have the opportunity to get closer to a smaller waterfall a short walk away from Siri Waterfall. Your guides will prepare a much-deserved lunch and you can rest and restore your energy.

You will  depart from the waterfall around 1:30 pm to return via a different bush route to your accommodation.

Important Information

Getting There & Coming Back

1.5 Hour flights every Monday, Thursday or Saturday from Port Vila, Efate to Gaua Airport, Gaua with Air Vanuatu. Stopover in Luganville, Santo. Indicative price: 20,500vt

1.5 Hour flights every Thursday or Saturday from Gaua Airport, Gaua to Port Vila, and Efate with Air Vanuatu. Stopover in Luganville, Santo. Indicative price: 20,500vt

Note: flight schedules are subject to change. It is advisable to to check the Air Vanuatu website for current timetables.

Info about guides/operator

All queries and booking should be made through Santo Travel. They will then organise the perfect expedition for you.

Your guide will lead you on the hike at a pace that suits you, with the option to walk over one, two or three days. They have a pool of seven accredited tour guides: Larry Aris, Victor Wetias, Joses Kauvaka, George Wobur, Lency George, and Renigald Simeon & John Atkin.

Prices will be given on request and includes accredited tour guides, porters, all land entry fees and the pack lunch by the waterfalls.

Send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Info about food:

A pack lunch is included in the price of this one day expedition. It will be prepared by your accommodation and transported by your guides to be enjoyed by the waterfalls.