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Fifin Tours & Transfers




At FiFin Tours and Transfers we can assist you with tours and transfers to various sites in Port Vila so you can explore part of the untouched paradise in a warm, simple and friendly manner. We are happy to assist you in any way to ensure that your trip in Port Vila is a memorable experience and dream of a life time. You can either book one of our tours using our activity page or if you have something specific in mind, we would be happy to create something just for you. We can take you to the Blue lagoon, a wonderful quirk of nature! The water is an incredible swimming lagoon. The water is slightly salty and so crystal blue perhaps from the limestone fresh water springs and the tidal seawater. If you like, we can take you to enjoy postcard-perfect views of the majestic waterfall and discover an emerald green swimming pool hidden in the middle of the canopies- the Rarru waterfall or Eden on the River or you may want to try something different like visiting the turtle’s sanctuary (swim with the turtles). This is incredible, turtles of all ages and sizes, lizards, bats, coral walk…. A very cool experience. You will also have the chance to hold turtles and lizards! We can also take you through an island tour of Efate, the Island which Port Vila is located and visit some of the beautiful historical sites of your choice. For those who wish to hang around Port Vila town, we can take a two to three hours trip around Port Vila so you can visit places like the National Museum, War memorial site, the convention centre, Mothers handicraft Market, main market, and we can wait while you shop at the best price duty-free shop on the island, and then return just in time before your scheduled departure.


For Port Vila Town tours, it may take at least two hours at the most but we leave the option open for our guests. For Round Island Tours, it may take 3 to 4 hours depending on the five stop choices of our guests. We always promise our clients that we are here to serve their needs and make the trip a memorable experience but we ensure for cruise ship guests to return in good time before their scheduled departure. 

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