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Ebikes Vanuatu

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Phone: +678 7500360


Experience Vanuatu’s natural beauty in a whole new way with our brand new electric bikes, the first eBikes to hit the island! Hire an electronic bicycle and have self guided tours.


Why eBike?

Easy & Fun.

Riding an eBike is a fun and easy way to explore Vanuatu’s stunning scenery, with the added benefit of extra speed and power from the electric motor.


Renting an eBike is a convenient way to explore Vanuatu on your own schedule, without the hassle and restrictions of traditional tour groups.


Renting an eBike can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional transportation or guided tours, as you can explore on your own terms and avoid expensive fees.


Renting an eBike is a great way to stay active and get some exercise while exploring the beautiful terrain of Vanuatu.

Price: $45 AUD

Accept Credit Card: Yes

Map & Directions

Ebikes Vanuatu


Ebikes is located next to Asco Motors.