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Amelbati Cannibal Site Tour

Tours Malampa

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A guided tour to the cannibal site, sacred place of the chiefs, and ancient Nasara (ceremonial ground) of the Amelbati Tribe at Rano Mainland. With just a short truck ride separating them, the Amelbati Cannibal Site Tour and the Small Nambas Tour at Rano make an ideal combination.


The tour duration is about 1 1/2 hours. Your guide leads you on a 30 minute walk through the gardens and bush to the ancient Nasara of the Amelbati Tribe. This is probably one of the earliest Nasara in the area, later abandoned when the local people moved to the nearby small islands of Rano and Wala. The Nasara was the centre of community life where all important ceremonies took place. See the huge aged standing stones, representing the families of the community.

You visit the curiously-quiet cannibal kitchen site, an area where human flesh was prepared and cooked and where the remains of long-forgotten victims lie discarded and buried. Visit the eerie sacred place of the chiefs containing their memorial stones, skulls, conch shell trumpets, and buried magic stones.

Map & Directions

Walarano Malekula, Norsup, Vanuatu


45 minutes drive from the Airport