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Photo ID (national id card, passport, driver’s license, VNPF) must be presented at time of booking and check in.

· Economy only return trip on an Air Vanuatu operated service from Luganville to any Domestic Airports.

· Fares only apply if purchased prior to departure.

· Fare level is Y class and it is applicable to adult, child and infant. The carrier shall limit the number of passengers to the first 100 who have booked at Mi Tumoro Vanuatu travel Expo in Luganville and such fares may not be available on all flights.

· Waitlist not permitted – customer must travel on confirmed segment only.

· To be completed immediately after reservation is made.

· Failure to ticket within the required deadline will result in the cancellation of seats held.

Minimum Stay
· 1 night stay

Maximum Stay
· Travel must be completed by 30th November 2021

· Not permitted

· Not permitted

Blackout Dates
· No blackouts

Travel Restrictions
· Travel permitted from Monday 12th July 2021 through to Tuesday 30th November 2021.

Sales restrictions
· Sales permitted on Friday 09th of July 2021 ONLY through the assigned Air Vanuatu reservation staff from 8AM to 5PM stationed at the 3 Links building, Luganville

· Changing travel date: Permitted – charge of VUV5 000 per change per person.

Any changes require reissue of ticket plus any additional fare differential.

Tickets must be reissued at the same time the reservation is changed

· Cancellation: Fare is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled after payment

· No Show: Loss of fare (non-refundable new ticket must be paid for)

· Name Change: Allowed at VUV5 000 per person (Adult, Child, Infant)

Children & Infant discount
· Child discount: charge 75% of the adult fare

· Infant discount: charge 10% of the adult fare