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Tanna Top View Bungalows

Bungalow Tanna

Phone: +678 7670741
Mobile: +678 7108749


Imagine arriving at the top of a mountain, with a full 180 degrees ocean view of Port Resolution and in the not so far distance you see Futuna and Aniwa (on a clear day), you look straight ahead and eventually swing to your right,and your eyes start to dance across lines of hills, valleys and other mountain range, and you keep turning until right behind you, you are looking and marveling at Mount Yasur in full display.


Welcome to Tanna Top View Bungalows where you're getting the best of everything in one single location, the ocean, the mountains, stunning sunrise, golden sunsets, and the cream of the cake view "MOUNT YASUR" :) Here your beautiful host Marcel, his family, and their community of Port Resolution, in Whitesands area on Tanna island, will look after you and help to organize your activities, site visits to a local primary school, get you up to Yasur volcano and back, enlighten your stay with cultural performances, and many more wonderful experiences to share with you.

Map & Directions

tanna top view bungalows, Vanuatu


15-20 minutes drive from Lenakel town towards Whitesands area.