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The Vanuatu Tourism Office has been informed that our national carrier, Air Vanuatu has entered voluntary liquidation.

Australian consulting firm Ernst & Young has been appointed as liquidators and we are liaising directly with them to share any further updates as they become available.

We understand the liquidators are working with the Air Vanuatu team to resume flights as soon as possible and doing everything they can to secure the airline's future.

We are conscious of the impact this situation has on travellers, ticket holders and the industry and on behalf of the Vanuatu tourism industry extend our apologies to anyone affected.

This is an evolving situation and we encourage travellers to visit www.vanuatu.travel/en/planning/planning-getting-to-vanuatu as a trusted information source, for accurate updates. 


New Air Route – Solomon Airlines New Zealand – Port Vila (30 May 2024)

Solomon Airlines will fly 2 x flights weekly between Port Vila and Auckland. The current flight IE710 Port Vila-Auckland will depart Mondays 5:50pm arriving Auckland 10:05pm. The additional flight IE 710 will depart Port Vila Wednesdays at 5:25pm, arriving Auckland at 9:40pm. The return journey from Auckland to Port Vila is currently Flight IE711 departing Tuesdays 12pm with the additional serving being Thursday at 12pm. Both flights arrive into Port Vila 2:15pm. The entire route connects Honiara – Port Vila – Auckland both ways ensuring consistent connectivity between the three countries. This will be effective from 19 June.

Effective from 4 October services will increase to 3 x flights weekly Honiara-Port Vila-Auckland, with an additional IE710 service on Fridays departing Port Vila 5:50pm, arriving Auckland at 10:05pm, and returning on Saturdays departing Auckland at 12pm, arriving Port Vila at 2:15pm.

Schedule summary:
Mondays: Departs Port Vila at 5:50pm, arrives in Auckland at 10:05pm. (current flight)
Wednesdays: Departs Port Vila at 5:25pm, arrives in Auckland at 9:40pm. (additional flight)
Return flights:
Tuesdays (current) & Thursdays (additional): Departs Auckland at 12pm, arrives in Port Vila at 2:15pm.

Additional flight starting 4 October:
Fridays: Departs Port Vila at 5:50pm, arrives in Auckland at 10:05pm.
Returning flight:
Saturdays: Departs Auckland at 12pm, arrives in Port Vila at 2:15pm


EY appointed as voluntary liquidators of Air Vanuatu (Operations) Limited (In Liquidation)

Sydney, Thursday, 9 May 2024 – Morgan Kelly, Justin Walsh and Andrew Hanson of Ernst & Young Australia (EY Australia) have been appointed Voluntary Liquidators of Air Vanuatu (Operations) Limited (In Liquidation), by a Special Resolution of Shareholders made pursuant to section 14 of the Companies Act No 03 of 2013.

The appointment follows a challenging period for the global aviation industry, including labour shortages, inflation affecting input costs and a global increasing cost of credit environment. Air Vanuatu has been particularly affected by disruption of tourism activity due to cyclones.

The Liquidators have taken control of the business today and will conduct safety and maintenance checks before the resumption of normal operations. The Liquidators intend to resume normal trading as soon as possible, while considering all opportunities to place the carrier on a stronger footing.

Affected travellers will be informed of this disruption and rebooked on flights as soon as operations resume.

The existing management team will remain in place and will work closely with the Liquidators through this process.

“Air Vanuatu is critical to the people of the Republic of Vanuatu and a strategically important business to the nation. Our team is working closely with management to ensure continuity of service to customers and to ensure services continue as seamlessly as possible,” said Morgan Kelly, Partner in Strategy & Transactions at EY.

“The outlook for the airline is positive, despite pressures on the broader industry, and we will be focused on securing the future of this strategically vital national carrier."

“EY Australia has a significant and successful track record working with aviation operators and airlines globally, utilising our highly experienced restructuring team,” concluded Mr Kelly.

The first meeting of creditors will be scheduled shortly.


EY Australia - Information to Passengers (10 May 2024)

Andrew Hanson, Justin Walsh and Morgan Kelly, were appointed Joint and Several Liquidators ("Liquidators") of Air Vanuatu on 9 May 2024.

Due to the Liquidators' appointment, all flights have been cancelled, effective immediately. The below has been prepared to provide information to assist passengers.

1. Additional information

Please refer to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vanuatu ("CAAV') and Air Vanuatu websites, which have additional information to support passengers.

2. Claiming a refund

EY Australia advise passengers to explore the following options to determine their eligibility for any form of financial protection. The options available depend on the original payment method of your flights.

    • If you paid for the flight by debit or credit card, please contact your card issues (See below for further information);

    • If you paid via PayPal, please visit the PayPal website;

    • If you paid with cash/ vouchers or other methods, please submit a claim into the Liquidation of the Company that you booked your flights with. (See below for further information); and

    • Depending on your policy, you may also be able to claim on your travel insurance. Please contact your travel insurance provider to discuss options available to you.

3. Claiming a refund (via credit/ Debit card)

    • EY Australia advise passengers to contact their card issuer to understand what financial protection they may be entitled to.

    • The contact number for your credit or debit card issuer is likely to be located on the reverse of your card (otherwise it can be found online).

    • Please note that the card issuer is the bank which issued the card to you, not the payment processor. For example, if you have an ANZ Bank (Vanuatu) MasterCard, the card issuer is ANZ Bank (and not MasterCard).

4. Claiming a refund (paid via cash/ vouchers)

    • If you paid with cash or other methods, you may be entitled to submit a claim into the Liquidation of the Company and should do so by writing to the Liquidators of the Company.

    • Passengers should include evidence of purchase in their correspondence to support their claim.

    • Passengers can register their claim by writing to the Liquidators at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    • Passengers will be unsecured creditors of the company in its liquidation and at this early stage, it is not known how much money (if any) will be available to meet such passengers' claims.

5. Contacting the Liquidators

    • Should you wish to contact the Liquidators for further information you may do so via the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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