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When people know Vanuatu and think of Tanna, they think of the majestic Mt Yasur, and for good reason; the world’s most accessible active volcano is truly a sight to behold and lights up the night sky. Beyond Yasur, the island has much to offer travellers, from cenote like blue caves to cultural villages, amazing diving to treehouses high above the jungle. Breathe in and take your time to explore Tanna.

Explore The Island Of Adventure

Explore The Island Of Adventure

For such a small island (it’s about an hour’s drive from one side of the island to the other), Tanna truly punches above its weight in the sheer breadth and diversity of its offering. Sure, it has Mt Yasur (you can’t visit Tanna and not see the volcano), but beyond this it has so much more to offer.

When you step off the plane in Tanna, you're taking a step back in time to an island where kastom pulses through the veins of the day-to-day, and visitors leave with a truer understanding of what Vanuatu is all about.

The west coast offers spectacular coral reefs for snorkelling and diving and the stunning Blue Cave, while the east coast has hot springs and gorgeous Port Resolution with white and black sand beaches. The island’s interior is home to several cultural villages worth a visit, as well as the impressive Giant Banyan Tree.  

For your accommodation, you can stay in boutique resorts on the west coast, or in a number of locally-owned bungalows (including treehouses with views across the volcanic plains) across the island.

Take your time exploring Tanna (seeing Mt Yasur at sunrise or sunset is unforgettable), and you’ll find yourself on a real life-changing adventure.

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