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Before departure

Although Vanuatu is a safe destination, some activities in outer islands, fall under the 'adventure (dangerous) category'. Such activities can include parasailing, scuba diving, motorcycling and even trekking. It is strongly recommended that travel insurance be purchased before arrival in Vanuatu. However, be sure to check that the policy you ensure covers the adventure (dangerous) category, as well as ambulances and an emergency flight home.

You should see your doctor for shots and medications before you travel to Vanuatu. Among other things, malaria and hepatitis A are both present on some islands. You will need to take anti-malaria medications before, during, and after your trip, and make sure that your vaccinations are up to date.

When in Vanuatu

The usual precautions are always advised. It is better to travel in a group than alone. Have photocopies of your passport, tickets and credit cards in case the originals are lost.

Know the kastom of your hosts, so as not to offend. Always eat and drink safely and wear clothing to decrease chances of being bitten by insects. Take plenty of sunscreen.

You should also make sure that you pack a first-aid kit to take care of any cuts or bites you might get. Small cuts can get infected very easily in tropical climates.

Vanuatu's town water supply is safe to drink. However, if you're intending to travel to the outer islands, it is recommended that you purchase bottled water in Port Vila or Luganville as supplies in the outer islands are limited.

In an emergency

Hospitals, and several private English and French doctors can be found in Port Vila and Luganville, while small clinics and dispensaries with limited resources can be found throughout the outer islands. Serious injuries and medical conditions will require medical evacuation to more modern facilities in Australia, New Zealand or New Caledonia, so travel insurance is strongly recommended. 

There are no dangerous animals or insects in Vanuatu.